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Looking for a professional place to share your story? Come and join INCONTRO networking group each month to share your professional journey.


*For a limited time, the $150 Annual Processing Fee has been waived for new or referred members

Membership Benefit

Monthly networking

Event Substitutes allowed

• Speaking Opportunities – Presentation opportunity for each member based on request. Club 3 member will be invited as a guest speaker in bigger seminars. To sell their product they need to become a sponsor
• Business Growth Opportunities
• Event Substitutes allowed
• Member Success Design Portfolio: Free Soft skill development program and business education seminars (discounted ticket for members guest)
• Networking Tailored to Fit you with 3 different clubs to join
• 9 Guest Passes per year – ($450 Valued).
• VIP community access which connects your team members, referral groups, or coaches through our closed community group.
• Sponsorship discounts
• Organise your event with us and get the benefit of our community
• On-demand courses from experts in the industry
• Get your questions answered from our experts online
• Our community members will receive special treatment and a discount on the standard price of our events


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What's in it for you?

Grow your business by building meaningful relationships. Incontro has introduced three different levels of access; Club 1, Club 2 and Club 3, which are designed to provide you with excellent opportunities to build strong and exchange quality business referrals. Join the Incontro family today and experience the benefits of stronger business connections and industry knowledge.

About Club 1

$289 per annum including GST

More features of Club 1

All feature of monthly networking + additional features for club 1 are

• Guest blog posting with special discount
• Advertisements with us with a special discount

Our Members

About Club 2

$855 per annum including GST

More features of Club 2

All feature of club 1 + additional features for club 2 are

• Members have the opportunity to participate in a paid YouTube channel interview
We have a special discount on
• Request for your workshop and webinar to run with us
• Advertisements with us

Our Members


About Club 3

$2465 per annum including GST

More features of Club 3

All feature of club 2 + additional features for club 3 are

• Referral program and strategy building workshop for club 3 and there will be an advisory committee set up
• Free YouTube channel interview
• Free directory listing

We have an excellent discount on

• Request for a webinar and your workshop to run with us
• Guest blog posting
• Advertise with us

Our Members

Business Growth & Referral Teams

• Compulsory references to attaining membership are vetted (facility only available for Club 2 and 3)

• Professional exclusivity for each referral group

• Intimate group sizes

• Presentation opportunities are member only

• Experience unique events with rotating formats

• Business breakout team building opportunities

• Gain access to interactive social appearances, designed to build stronger connections